Repairing The Solution to The Unemployment in Country Like India

Unemployment is the biggest problem in the country like India. Out of every 10 individual the 5-7 individual are unemployed. The simple meaning of unemployment is number of individual including the female are jobless and are not able to earn the livelihood. This create the great imbalance in the in the society this is the reason why the different classes exist in the society like high class, middle class and low class people. The major impact of unemployment :- The impact of the unemployment is seen on the annual growth rate of the country. The unemployment is the major problem because of which the human resources are not utilized to its maximum or even goes totally waste. If this human resource can be used to its maximum then the growth of the country can be maximize . Few ways by which we can generate the employment:- 1:- Setting up MNC in country in local and in major city will increase the employment . 2:-Educating the individual to their maximum capacity will increase the capacity of the individual and their earning ability. 3:-TEACHING THEM THE SKILL FULL THING THAT MAY LEAD TO OPEN THERE INDIVIDUAL FERM, PRODUCTION UNIT, REPAIRING CENTER OR EVEN SMALL SCALE SHOPE. The skill person can adjust anywhere and they can earn their lively hood in any way. Out of all the repairing is the most important thing that can turn the individual from simple unskilled labour to the advanced skilled labour. Different type of repairing :- 1:-laptop repairing course 2:- printer repairing course 3:-mobile repairing course 4:- hardware and networking course 5:-data recovery course 6:- chip level repairing of electronics system ( i.e. computer , desktop , TV) Etc. 7:- most advanced machine or motor repairing course (i.e. car, bus, machine in firm) Etc. Out of all above the mobile and laptop repairing is the most convenient and chip of cost and can be done very easily. These mobile and laptop repairing is the most simple out of all this starts from beginning that is from understanding the circuit of the board to the most advanced detecting the different fault and rectify them. There are various institute that are providing these courses or even the government give these courses for free to the youth. How repairing will solve the unemployment :- The repairing knowledge will simply lead to increase in the value and the knowledge of individual about the board or of the component in regarding to which they have done the course. This knowledge they can use and repair the different issue and earn their livelihood. This will increase the standard of the individual and will contribute to the economy of the country instead of going waste.