Midbrain Activation in India

Midbrain acquires its name from Midbrain Activation a technique that is aimed at activating the inter brain that is found between the right and the left hemisphere of the brain. The inter brain is also called the mesencephalon a region of the brain that acts as the relay center for auditory, visual, and motor system information. Every individual is born with a brain that develops as he or she grows. It gives reasoning, thinking, and the normal functioning of human beings. This makes human beings different from animals since we are involved with decision making. A human brain is comprised of cells that help in all the activities done. Naturally, the capacity of the brain reduces as an individual grows older, and that is why midbrain activation offers help. Midbrain activation is the technique used to stimulate the Alpha-Theta waves found in the brain, which help in better function of the brain. After Brain Activation, the child is able to read, paint, count and draw while the eyes are closed. This technique is commonly used in countries like Japan, China, and Thailand. There are many benefits of midbrain activation for example, improved memory, better IQ, extraordinary skills, emotional stability and control, better concentration, and innovation. One of the techniques used in Midbrain Activation is Quantum Speed reading. It is where a child is trained to read books by flipping pages. This technique requires a child to use logic and read books in the shortest time possible. It is regarded as an advanced technique because it requires speed, extra training efforts and sharpness. This technique was first developed in Japan and due to its remarkable results; it spread to the rest of the world. In the normal reading, readers use the left brain where they read a single word at a time and this consumes a lot of time. The information stored also in the left brain is hardly remembered that is why the right brain must be activated in midbrain activation. Quantum speed reading uses the right brain and while reading, the reader views the text as images and also one can remember easily. This type of reading takes a short time. Quantum speed reading involves activities like; Training of the eyes Eye movements Breathing exercises Visual training Image training Focus and logic Speed