An Introspection to Design Industry & Its Possibilities

Does shapes , sizes, space, colour entice you. Are your senses able to visualise solutions. Are you sensitised towards your current environmental and social circumstances. Would your ideas catalyse and elevate better living standards and solutions for humanity. If these are some factors resonating in you, design as a career is one option to be evaluated seriously. Design is all around us. Nature is the best example of design. A tree, an animal, and living organisms including man has design mechanisms build in for the purpose of survival. The last 50 years of evolution had Design as an element elevated from a back seat to a lead position. Population rise, rapid urbanisation, better, living standards, safety, security, has been some of priming reasons factoring the same. If some of the reasons earlier mentioned are primary, mans desire to be unique in the objective world had only further added fuel to fire. This fire had in some way created opportunities for creative, artisans alike the challenge to stretch their boundaries of imagination. The impact had further fuelled possibilities for individuals who think differently in showcasing their creative talent across a global audience. Some of the trending opportunities in creative vertical includes fashion, visual communication, architecture, automotive, industrial designing and IT space. The global apparel market is valued at 3trillion dollars and accounts for 2 percent of the world’s GDP. Media & Television taking the responsibility of bridging the geographic divide and new media standing tall on free expression of the common masses the demand to deliver enriched and enhanced content can be a definitive forecast for this industry. The value of global entertainment and media market is expected to reach 2.14 trillion dollars by 2020.With the growing need for sustainable development and eco friendliness centring the theme , challenge for any a architect is to create eco systems that blend in with human elements. These facts shores to one possibility :Demand for creative professionals globally . So why has this space not attracted talents unlike for medicine, engineering and various other discipline globally. One of the limiting factor as we understand is the required skill set. A common notion is the skill for artistic talent that hinders many a person in discarding this vertical. Well , let me begin with facts. Fact a) art is different from design Fact b) Design is a skill and can be taught. Fact c) There are plenty of functional areas to be explored which deem fit your interest. Fact d) Recognition and pays well Facte) Open for flexibility. Possibilities: There are private and govt aided institutes in India and abroad offering you undergraduate and postgraduate program in the field of design. Eligibility and process of securing admissions for these colleges differs from country to country. Admissions to secure seats to some of the top design colleges in India like NID, NIFT, IIT and architecture requires clearing a common entrance exam prescribed by the govt of India. These exams are conducted separately under different councils and departments. Some of the prominent names in India, NATA for architecture, DAT for NID etc and attracts scores of talents for limited number of seats. Eligibility for abroad institutions are mainly determined by the portfolios followed by a personal interview. Acquiring these skills have become possible and seamless as there are coaching centers for NATA, NIFT & NID who have donned the mantle of preparing students in clearing these competitive exams. Observation, thinking differently, clarity in thoughts, dreaming are some of the primary skills required to be a part of this sunrise industry Let me conclude this article by paying tribute to Jonathan barnbrook (graphic designer UK),Robert Brown John( Design movie title , James bond), Matthew carter (designer of Verdana font for Microsoft), Peter Saville etc.