Quality Floor Scale – Where Does The Value Reside

When you buy a floor scale you want to be sure it is of good quality so that you get great value for your money. But unless you know where to look it is not easy to distinguish a high quality floor scale from a floor scale that just looks nice but will not last or not give a great performance or both. So if you want to evaluate a digital floor scale here is what you need to check out. The first thing you need to do is to check out the quality of the load cell. You can have stainless steel load cells and alloy load cells. The key components of a load cell are a metal component that bears the load and gets strained. And an adhesive that sticks the strain gauge to this metal component and the strain gauge itself with the help of which the amount of strain can be measured. Besides the load cell the other key component to check out is the indicator. It should be easy to read in all lighting conditions you expect to encounter in your working area. It should present all the information you need in a clear and unambiguous manner. If the information is not presented clearly the likelihood of human errors creeping in will go up. Then you should check out the scale’s platform where objects will be placed. If the objects are likely to be heavy then the platform should have anti slip quality, such as a chequered steel plate has. If corrosive materials will be being weighed the platform should be treated to be able withstand exposure to them. The design of the floor scale should also be such that it is easy to clean and maintain. The minor components used such as screws, nuts and bolts should also be of good quality because a floor scale is a heavy duty scale and one can expect there will be large forces at play when it is being used. The electronic circuits and their housing too should be of very good quality because they need to perform in tough industrial applications.