Top Things to Know About a Life-saving CPR Training

Have you ever thought what to do when someone goes into sudden cardiac arrest? Your right move and effort can save an individual’s life. In this case, a person having the right type of CPR training will help in saving a valuable life. CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a life saving method that stimulates a person’s heartbeat to restore the blood flow and oxygenation to the body’s system. After a survey, it can be said that a thousand of lives could be saved each year if more people were trained in CPR. CPR as a First Aid Technique: One can use his or her CPR skills as a first aid technique that can be used to help someone who is finding it difficult to breathe or suffering with a sudden cardiac arrest. The person trained with effective CPR skill can properly deliver the right type of a life saving technique, which involves chest compressions or rescue breaths (to restore the circulation of oxygen and blood in the body). 1. Chest Compressions: The chest compression is an attempt to mimic the heart and get blood flowing through the body once again. The technique is applied by placing the heel of the respondent’s hand on the center of the victim’s chest and placing the other on the top. In this way, you need to press down the chest at a depth of about two inches followed by 100 compressions per minute. 2. Rescue Breaths: This type of technique plays an important role in CPR, which is applied to the victim by tilting the victim’s head back (to a certain level depending on the age of the victim) that will clear the airway. After every cycle of 30 compressions, two rescue breaths will be given. When the CPR Technique is Used? You may never now that a life-threatening situation that requires CPR skill can arise at any time. 1. Cardiac Arrest: In the United States, cardiac arrest is considered to be one of the leading causes of death that occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating. In this case, a person having a proper CPR technique with good knowledge of AED (Automated External Defibrillator) will help in delivering a lifesaving act. 2. Heart Attack: The symptoms of heart attack in men and women include chest discomfort, sudden weakness and shortness of breath. In case, anyone experiencing these symptoms may fall unconscious, which requires a prompt CPR- first aid technique to be performed. This will help in keeping the victim alive until the medical team arrives. 3. Drowning: The CPR technique is considered to be critical in drowning accidents, where the victim is not breathing. An effective and quick CPR can increase the chances of survival of the victim. Conclusion: It is found that many professionals require regular CPR training like nurses, firefighters, lifeguard, child care providers and paramedics. In present scenario, emergency situations like cardiac arrest or heart attack can happen anytime. For which, one should have the right knowledge of CPR skills that will help in dealing with an emergency situation in an effective and prompt way to save a valuable life. To have the right CPR skills, you need to rely on an effective CPR training online. With a reliable online CPR training, you will be able learn the skills in a convenient way without sacrificing your job or personal commitments. A right type of CPR training will help you save countless numbers of lives, protect the loved ones and boost your confidence level.