Go International – Board a Bright Career in Teaching

Teaching is one of those few professions where one can readily apply the expertise and experience gained in one country to a new region or culture. It is a profession where the common denominators do not change drastically across geographies and languages. Education as a field is always brimming with opportunities of International teaching jobs. So as a teacher, one finds many chances to explore and accelerate oneself. But should you consider an International opportunity? What would be the motivators and what concerns should one be cognizant of, before looking out for assignments that offer International exposure and monetary gains? First of all, International teaching jobs are always well-defined. So it is advisable to go through the specific requirements and expectations listed before thinking of them in a pragmatic way. One should carefully assess the job description in its entirety and have a quick check if the eligibility aligns well with what you have to offer or what you can acquire in due course. One may also find it advantageous to evaluate overseas teaching jobs in totality, along with a continuum of other factors that will eventually play out once you get moving. This won’t be a scenario of only-a-job-switch but would be enveloped with a lot of other aspects – the culture of that place, the neighborhood, the people, the language, the difference in food and lifestyle, the kind of teams one would work with and the organization’s alignment with your personality and comfort. Unless it is a short window of a project, one would definitely encounter differences that one should be familiar with in advance. Most important of these differences would be the one about students. The age group, inclination, learning styles, classroom format, supervisory templates, attitude shifts etc., would be key characteristics defining the satisfaction levels of your job. It will also impact your performance levels. So do some homework (yes, even if you are a teacher here ) to ascertain the extent of challenges and differences well. The job opportunity could be good in terms of material advantages but can be weak in other facets. The converse could also happen. You would have to decide what is easy and more important for your own unique case, irrespective of how other people feel and function. It is a job that takes a high level of intellectual investment and emotional involvement. So it should be evaluated in that context, beyond and along with monetary compensation and perquisites. This overseas teaching job may not be too attractive in such areas but this could be a good opportunity if it aligns with or supports your ambitions for higher education or travel in that particular region. One may find it very helpful to pick such a job that can be a good support system or a launch-pad towards your long-term ambitions. It is always better to acquaint yourself with the culture, the region, the language, and the work mechanisms in advance to avoid surprises as much as possible. Do ensure that Visa and other immigration processes are handled in a smooth and timely manner. Check how much would be the employer’s involvement here and prepare accordingly. Check out for the long-term impact of this International teaching job on the career path that you have in mind. Do it if it assists with good exposure and networking bandwidth. But don’t do it just on a whim or just because there is a ‘foreign’ tag to it. Compute the cumulative cost and visualize the scenario and take a practical call without deciding on a short-term inclination. It can be great opportunity to start with. Or you can make it great your own way. Just calculate the trade-off of gains and challenges well and board that flight to an International career in teaching.