A Room With a View? Where to Stay When You’re Learning English in London

If you’re planning to take an English course in London, one of the most important details to sort out is your accommodation. Of course, this can quickly become baffling: London is such a huge city with such a dizzying array of accommodation options for students, that it can be difficult to know where to start looking. Fortunately, the majority of London language schools have an accommodation office, which should always be your first port of call when you’re trying to find a place to stay in London. They may be able to help you find somewhere suitable to live while you’re learning English in London, and assist with the necessary arrangements. Some London language schools even have their own accommodation where you may be able to stay. There are just some of the options you could consider: Student residences You’ll often hear people referring to student “halls of residence”. These are the same thing. They’re buildings dedicated to providing student accommodation, usually in single bedrooms with shared kitchen and lounge facilities. You might have your own bathroom or you may share a bathroom with others. They’re usually in central London and may even be very close to your London language school. This means student residences usually provide a great deal of convenience, they mean you don’t need to worry about the costs of travelling across London every day, and you’ll have ample opportunity to socialise and practise your new skills with your fellow English language students. Homestays Perhaps you want to take the opportunity to experience British family life while you’re learning English in London. If this sounds like you, then a homestay could be the ideal choice. In a homestay, you live with a local family and are treated as a member of the household. You’ll have your own private bedroom, but will share the rest of the home with the family. Because you’re staying in a family home, a homestay will often be located somewhere in London’s suburbs. This means you’ll need to budget for travel to your London language school each day. However, while this can represent an extra cost you will enjoy the opportunity to learn first-hand about life and culture in the UK. Hotels and apartments If you prefer to arrange your own accommodation while you’re studying in London, a hotel or aparthotel could be perfect for you. This will allow you to choose the level of comfort and facilities you require for you and anyone travelling with you. Aparthotels are an increasingly popular option for students with families, as they offer hotel services with the space and facilities of an apartment. However, they can be a more expensive option and so you will need to budget accordingly. Rent a room If you look through advertising websites or local newspapers, you’ll find that plenty of people advertise for short-term housemates from time to time. Some people learning English in London find that seeking and arranging their own accommodation in this way can be a good learning experience, and that it gives you the chance to live with a range of different people from different walks of life. Your house mates may not all be students, for example. If you choose to arrange your own rented room, it’s important to think about your personal safety and security of your money and property. To get some advice on this, speak to your London language school’s accommodation office. Whatever your preference, there’s bound to be a place to stay that’s perfect for you.