Study Abroad in Canada Gains Momentum Among MBA Aspirants

Canada has been steadily proving itself to be the ideal destination for students who are looking for the best quality overseas education for their graduate or post graduate programs. Indeed, Canada is slowly gaining ground in the international higher studies market as it prepares to replace USA as the most popular destination for overseas students. The progressive rules regarding work and study, Canada’s open and friendly culture, high quality learning experience, diversity among students and faculty as well as comparatively low tuition fees have all contributed to the increase in the number of students looking to study abroad in Canada Prospective MBA students flock to Canada According to a recent global survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council, the number of international students who applied to study abroad in Canada went up by 16.4 percent in the current academic year when compared to the previous year. As a contrast, the number of international students to USA actually fell by 10.5 percent, while those to Europe went up by a mere 3.5 percent which indicates that there is a significant change in trend towards Canadian universities among the student population. Canada’s international applicant strength for MBA programs is likely to surpass the number of domestic applicants according to the GMAC. Currently the number of overseas students applying to study abroad in Canada is three times the number of domestic students. The reason for this can be attributed to an increase in quality education as well as a reduction in popularity of USA as an ideal study abroad destination. As more and more students are being turned away by the stricter processes and visa policy of the United States, Canada is attracting more students with its student friendly policies. The current political climate in USA and Britain which is causing tightening of immigration rules for both students and workers alike has been Canada’s gain. Many MBA students are keen on studying and working outside their own countries as they seek to broaden their outlook and gain more diverse experience to add weight to their resume. MBA schools across Canada see rise in Demand Beedie’s an MBA school in Canada has noticed a significant increase in applications from overseas students who accounted for more than 85 percent of the applications to the university’s programs for MBA and Master of Science in finance. What is more interesting is the fact that the number of international applicants for the university have gone up by 80 percent over the previous year. In another instance, HEC Montreal, saw a surge in applications from Indian and Chinese student. Overseas students currently account for more than fifty percent of all applications to the university’s MBA programs in both French and English. The university has a diverse student body with students hailing from more than 29 countries and the number is expected to increase in the near future. Many universities in Canada are looking at MBA fairs and seminars to reach out to prospective international students in their home country to increase visibility and demand for their programs.