How to Study For Your IB Exams?

It is a very proud moment to see children excelling in their studies, especially with IB curriculum. Having said this, IB (International Baccalaureate) board exams are some of the toughest tests to appear. Basis on the results of the exams, students decide their future enrollment in the colleges or future studies. It is imperative that you should get prepared for your exams. Study for your IB Exams- IB Global Academy • Your aim The cut off percentage varies every year for seeking admissions at the university levels. However, you must aim at a perfect 7. • Set a time-table Set a time-table by placing all the subjects. This gives equal importance to all the subjects. . The questions are full on utilizing essay and short answer items. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) which is comprised of 1600 word essay and have a viva voce. • Mark your important points Read through your books. Make it a point to use highlighters in your books, notebooks, reference books etc. to mark the important points. It helps in the last moment revisions. • Make a list of difficult topics you haven’t understood This is important as it will give you a reminder of the topics you have to pay attention before exams. A complete revision status must be given to it therefore. • Studying techniques It is not necessary that you choose the same style of studying for all the subjects. For instance HL & SL IB psychology, IB social studies, IB sciences- mind maps work wonders. On the other hand, study of IB humanities, IB languages, IB social studies, you practice essays for the same. Do keep in mind; there is a mini research paper of 4000 words (of your choice) that you will have to write sooner or later. Therefore these subjects need this kind of practice sessions. With IB Mathematics and Sciences (especially Chemistry and Physics) there is no way to study but to practice questions. The more and more you practice on, the better it gets. With Humanities, second languages, sciences, are some subjects in which you have to take in-depth notes with textbooks and reference books. • Taking tutoring help This is significant as there are tough subjects like IB Economics, Business Management, and Extended Essays etc. where you need help to understand. You will find IB online tutor available who readily give their services for the betterment of the students. For instance, IB Global Academy is one such IB educational institute. Such institutes have highly experienced teachers for all the HL and SL subjects. They provide in house techniques to learn. IB online tutor help to solve past papers, mock test papers, specimen papers, assisting in TOK, EE, portfolios and much more. Here you can get 24X7 hours assistance. You don’t commute far of distance for your coaching classes. It serves well. In a nutshell, with a combination of self-study and IB online tutor, you can get flying colors for your exams. All the best for your exams.