Introduction and Guidance of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists don’t just help a person build strength and range of motion, though. Most physical therapists uses a combination of techniques to relieve pain and boost coordination, strength, endurance, and range of motion. The goals of physical therapists are to help patients regain diminished physical function, which has been lost secondary to injury or disease, and to relieve pain. Low back pain physical therapy can be very beneficial to those suffering with pain in the lower back. Throughout this therapy process you will learn the proper way to exercise and how to regain the strength and flexibility you need to improve function and mobility at work and at play. The exercises recommended by physical therapists run the gamut from basic stretching to the intense exercises required in rehabilitation such as learning how to walk again. Some of the examples of basic physical therapy exercises, like stretching, may seem easy enough but must be done in a precise way to avoid a pulled muscle. Low back pain physical therapy exercises coupled with external therapy applications or conditions like infrared, ultrasound, electricity, heat, coldness, traction and massage are seen to be a lot more effective than just simple routine-based stretching alone. Executing the exercises daily will speed up the process of curing and restoration. The key in quick recovery is proper execution of physical therapy exercises, patient’s cooperation and usage of physical therapy equipment. Low back pain therapy helps you to cope with back pain while teaching you ways to minimize the affect of pain on your life. Unlike medications, the use of this therapy for back pain does not have side effects and is usually recommended in cases of severe back pain and low back pain that has lasted at least two weeks. This specialized therapy for your back pain may include the use of heat packs, ultrasound, or exercise and therefore involves strengthening the spine and the muscles that surround it. People who suffer from a sports or exercise injuries will often use physical therapy as a means of recovery. As well, people who suffer from a slip and fall where they receive serious physical injury such as a broken bone, spinal cord injury, herniated discs, head injury, back injury, neck pain, torn ligaments, soft tissue injury, and muscle sprains, will often engage in physical therapy treatment. A patient may also need muscle strengthening before or after a surgical procedure. As well, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, osteoporosis, and spinal stenosis, are conditions that typically require physical therapy.