CLEP Testing And College Admission For Homeschoolers

Have you heard much about CLEP testing? It’s not as familiar as the SAT or the ACT or even AP testing but it can seriously benefit your homeschool high school student. I had one client write to me expressing great concern that CLEP exams would hurt her high achieving students. She wondered if CLEP testing was easier than AP testing. She even told me that she heard colleges look negatively on CLEP tests! I can assure you as I assured her, CLEP testing will not harm your student in any way! Every college has a different stance on CLEP testing, as they all tend to have different expectations when it comes to applications. It’s important to realize that the range of college preference and attitude varies dramatically! Due to this fact, it’s difficult to give a one size fits all piece of advice about CLEP testing. But I can give you one piece of advice that will help with any college communication you may do in the future. It is up to YOU as a homeschool parent to determine form the college what they way to see and how they would like it presented. I know this can be hard when your student hasn’t fully committed to a specific college. If they are still in the younger years of high school, just do your best to communicate with multiple colleges that your student is considering. College admissions staffs are very busy and it’s your job to make their job easy when it comes to evaluating your student’s transcript. So, when it comes to CLEP testing, you will have to ask the college what their stance is. You have the option of submitting scores or not submitting scores to colleges. You can include the CLEP scores on their transcripts or leave them off. It is completely up to you and your college’s preference. If your student takes a CLEP test in any subject, it doesn’t mean they haven’t learned it, it just means that they may be able to receive college credit for that class. Of course some colleges don’t accept these credits, but it won’t hurt your student to take a CLEP test or two. Your goal is to educate your children as best as possible and then get to know the colleges where they might attend. Try to give each college what they want. A great resource is the “Sample CLEP Policy” found on the College Board website which will help you estimate credits of any given CLEP test. Just remember, it all depends on where you end up, and the CLEP policy for that university.