What Are The Benefits of Using Windows Server Instead of Linux

It’s really confusing and worse situation when we have to do a comparison between two things. But it is essential to choose one, to get the best. So in this article, we have discussed on the benefits of using windows server instead of linux. In window hosting india it is obvious that we will get a lot of varied answers from people, as some of them are using windows server while some are making use of linux. So, to ease your situation first, it is vital to understand that the easiest Operating Server is neither Windows nor Linux or OSX, it’s the one you know how to use and you are familiar with. In India the situation is that windows is on nearly every desktop and you will not find many Linux admins. In window hosting india every operating software is difficult to use if you don’t know how to use it. So, windows is easier for large number of people with a few different justifications. In India everyone will agree and say that the biggest benefit to using Windows Server is because of familiarity with it. Another benefit is windows administrators are less expensive to hire. Also, you will realise that all back office business applications require Windows Server than Linux. The server component of Syspro which is known to be a popular ERP application that runs only on windows servers, For example: If users need that application or one like it windows will be your only choice. Before we go deeply into this article you must have proper knowledge of both the operating systems. Windows Operating System It is known as a family of operating systems from Microsoft. There are various programming languages such as Visual Home Page, ASP.NET, Visual C#, Visual C++ that are used in it. Linux Operating System It is an operating system that is assembled under the model of OOS(open source software) development and mostly used for the purpose of the server. It supports various programming languages like C,C++,JAVA,PHP. Here are some points on the basis of which comparison is being done between windows server and linux. It is easier and faster to do things on MS Windows : Microsoft Windows has made various changes which made it easy for the users to use the operating system. Don’t be so happy, it is not the easiest; it is easier than linux.For example, if any user is setting up a VPN, it is extremely quick to do in MS Windows & it also works in a right away, they install missing modules for you and also modify other modules for you. When you delete them, they don’t delete anything on the system. On Linux on the other hand, you have to get the configuration files that work immediately. So, windows is much easier and faster too. In windows, you need less number of people: Since, it takes very less time to do work on MS windows, you can take advantage of this by hiring fewer people to do the same tasks than on Linux. Backup: In windows it is easy to set up a backup strategy & also to restore windows backup too. Therefore, you don’t need to be a specialist when you turn on the Graphic User Interface. While on the other hand, if you want incremental backup on Linux, you will face many problems. Windows Updates: Microsoft updates are a great thing. In Linux, there is less continuity as compared with Microsoft programs.We are so much used to it so we think it is normal but The system is able to update itself without endangering the system. You had never face any problems with any Microsoft updates on any windows servers. On the other hand, with Linux, you will always have problems and sweats too.