Is Data Analytics Only Meant For B. Tech Background?

Data Analysis means to analyze the raw statistics accumulated from various channels and create some meaningful information. This analysis is performed to understand what is going on in the organization and what can be done further to improve the performance in the market. The next question that comes to my mind what is the eligibility of Business Analytics. Is it only the B.Tech people who can learn and take up a course in Business Analytics? At first, I at Lloyd Business School thought that it was the only skill that was required for. I already made up my mind that an individual without B.Tech would not be able to understand Business Analytics however when I did some research I came to know that I was completely wrong. Business Analytics is not exclusively meant for B.Techs. In fact, I found out that it was the other way around. The people without B.Tech are the ones who are making their careers in Data Science and they are excelling in every discipline of Business Analytics Course. Then what is the most desirable skill for Business Analytics? Is it a programming language? Is it computer science or is it something else? The answer is very interesting because I never expected it in the first place. I was under the impression that it must be some niche skill that was required to be a successful Analyses . Ok, let’s not drag it further. The answer is very simple. The skill that is most required to be a Business Analyst is Mathematical Skills. One should be good with numbers and that’s it. She/he must have a thorough understanding of Probability, Statistics, and Time Series etc. The individual must be the one who likes to play with mathematics. Another very important point to remember is the handling of huge data. I mean it, “Huge Data”. At present, we are living in an information age. Everything is online and we are producing lots and lots of information on a daily basis. This data is unstructured i.e. it is not properly organized. One must have dedication and patience to understand that huge data. She/he must have the skills to analyze that abundant Information. Having said that I at Lloyd Business School do not mean that one must learn some sort of programming language as a whole. Analytics does not mean that a person should be a programmer. The person must learn only the part that is enough to work with the Information. It will solve the purpose of handling and analyzing the figures. For e.g. one can learn R, Python, SAS modules used in one or the other tool to fiddle with the Statistic . Data Analytics is a booming industry and it is growing exponentially. The companies are investing a huge amount of money to deal with this data bomb. Statistic is sold at a premium by various organizations because by using this raw data they can make predictions about their future. They can increase the revenue of the organization as well as reach larger audiences. Data is the new king. It can make or break an organization. It is estimated that there will be a huge demand for such professionals in India as well in the world. In the end, I at Lloyd Business School would like to conclude that B.Tech is not mandatory for Analytics however if somebody is B.Tech in computer science, it will help him/her immensely. It is the quantitative skills that are required to be a good data analyst.