Bahrain Offers an Extremely Well-rounded Education System Catering to All

If you have been transferred on an assignment to Bahrain, you might be worried about a big gap in your child’s education policy. Bahrain is a country that comprises of 30 islands in the Gulf of Persia and has been traditionally acknowledged as the nerve centre of trade routes criss-crossing the Gulf. It can thus be quite easily established that such an important city will possess an education system that will cater to both its citizens and expatriates. It possesses some of the best schools in the world and has curriculums suited for students of all nationalities. Some of the best schools in Bahrain are government-run while others are international private schools. One such is international school is the Capital School in Bahrain which has already gained reputation for its British curriculum. The Government schools do not allow students from foreign nationalities but the private schools cover all the needs that a parent might seek for his child’s education. If you are an expatriate then you would be looking for the best schools in Bahrain in the private sector. These schools though will teach your child both Arabic and English which is part of what the curriculum says. But what most foreign nationals opt for are international schools. What you choose would likely be based on the country you are migrating from. There are schools which teach students the curriculum followed in countries like America, England, India, Pakistan or France. These are smaller in number and the demand-supply ratio is not justified. That is because the number of English or US nationals posted in Bahrain often outruns the number of seats at their chosen school. It is best if you try admitting your ward from a year previous to your transfer. The primary students are at an advantage here as the number of schools is more but older children will have trouble due to the fewer number of seats available. As most of the holidays are based on the sighting of the moon at an auspicious time, the holidays are previously undisclosed. The school year generally starts from September and ends in July with 2 weeks of holidays in between for major celebrations. The schools generally have classes from around 7:30 in the morning and school gets over by 3. It depends on the age group of your ward. As temperatures soar during the summers all children are required to wear hats in addition to their school uniforms and are advised to remain indoors during break hours. The best schools in Bahrain offer an easy transfer facility where you will only be required to contact the school officials in case of an immediate transfer. For more information, you can visit Capital School Bahrain.