Future of Embedded Systems- Offering An Excellent Career in The Future

Perhaps all of us have noticed that the world around us is getting smarter day by day. You can find yourself surrounded by electrical appliances made of highly intelligent systems. Do you know the advanced technology working behind those machines? It’s ’embedded’ technologies. With growth and advancements in the field of electronic systems, starting from wireless communications, cognitive devices, and robotics, we are equipped with mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Before moving into the details of embedded systems, let us discuss their applications in the following areas: Ubiquitous Computing- This is a branch of engineering that teaches you about interconnected and integrated devices that we interact with every day. These objects can be your toasters, fans or electronic coffee mugs. As of late, ubiquitous computing targets smartphones and tablets but sooner or later, your game console will be able to talk to your smartphone and enable you to play the game you want! Intelligent Devices- Gone are the days when humans were the only organisms on earth to think actively. Today, even machines have the capability to think and act like us. Intelligent devices are the systems which can think on their own. For example, iLumi, a bulb that can be operated with Android Operating system. Just enter your home, and switch on your lights with just a single click. Internet of Things (IoT)- This concept was introduced more than a couple of decades ago. Since then, it has never failed to amaze us with various devices connected to each other through the internet. Physical devices such as home appliances and manufacturing systems are the best examples. Your smartphone tells you about your sitting posture, you can monitor your machines from far away and direct your team of mechanics to do the necessary changes. Manufacturing companies have realized the importance of such a system and have started partnering with consulting firms which provide IoT services. Cyber-Physical Systems- These systems play a vital role in the world of Internet of Things (IoT). They are supported by powerful computation and fast communication. That is why they have the capability of integrating the physical world with the cyber world. These systems are used for tasks which should be done with ultimate precision such as the implementation of robotic arms, space exploration and exploration of places in the earth where humans cannot reach physically and creating and deploying energy efficient systems. Career in Embedded Systems: In one more decade, embedded systems are going to be everywhere. Starting from every floor of your building to everyone’s pocket, embedded systems are going to be everywhere. Public transport, coffee mug, home, office, airplanes, and cars are just a few examples. If you are interested in electronics and electrical engineering, this will be an ideal career for you. After completing engineering, you can go for a specialized certification course, receive project-based training and kickstart your career. Sooner or later, you will get a chance to deal with world’s most complicated and advanced systems.