First Appearance of ISO Program by Advance Innovation Group

The goal of every organization is to achieve sustainable excellence in its operations. It is a challenge to achieve this in the face of global competition, rapid technological innovation, and changing customer demands. A quality management system provides the framework that enables an organization to monitor and improve process capability, manage risk effectively and achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. A quality management system is a practical and realistic method which promotes a systematic approach towards the management of the product. These standards ensure desirable characteristics of products and services bringing in safety and reliability to products thereby improving customer satisfaction. They make products and service more efficient through continual improvement, enabling international recognition and patronage. The process of ISO / QS 9000 – certification begins with an understanding of the quality management system and preparing the organization for an audit by an assessor. The assessor interviews all employees of the organization to ensure that they understand their role in accordance with the ISO / QS 9000 standard. The assessor examines the organization’s documents to ensure quality compliance. The company is awarded the certification for a specified time period based on the findings of the report prepared by the assessor. Today, ISO / ISO 9000 is one of the world’s most established quality systems available. According to the survey made by ISO in 2008, they are now 176 countries that have received the certificates. At least 9.8 million organizations have been the recipient of this certification. This certification has participants across not just the management and distribution firms but even traditional industries like agriculture and construction. Learning Objectives After taking ISO training from Advance Innovation Group you should be able to: Define Quality Management System and analyze the scope of the quality management system. You would be able to discuss and understand the background of Quality Management System (QMS) 9001 and QS 9000. You would be able to explain the element the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000 and QS 9000 and analyze qualitatively the difference between the two. You would be able to develop Quality Management System through the eight principles. You would be able to define Advanced Quality Planning across the cross-functional team. You would able to achieve improved customer loyalty leading to repeat business. You would able to measuring customer satisfaction and acting on the results. You would able to minimize miscommunication between the various levels of an organization. You would able to analyze data and making decisions based on factual analysis, balanced with experience and intuition. You would able to establish balanced relationships between short – term and long – term considerations. You would able to establish a set of goals to guide and measures to track continual improvement.