50 Ideas to Help You Market Your Business

Digital marketing is a buzz these days and a new way to market your business in the online arena. The markets are upgrading and looking forward to a sea change where the product/service is marketed without the need of saying a word. Here are 50 Ideas to Market your Business 1. Create a Newsletter 2. Write a Blog 3. Social media- Facebook pages, Twitter (follow relevant people), Linkedin (connect with right audience), Pinterest, Instagram and any other channel that can be leveraged 4. Website- Free for the initial phase 5. Business Cards- give to people when you meet them so they can look up for you 6. Engage in Contests Online 7. Review Products or Services Similar to what you offer 8. Answer questions on Google or any other platform 9. Join relevant groups online 10. Blogging 11. Online survey 12. Respond to all queries you get 13. Sign up for media alerts 14. Volunteer thought leaders or at events that can help you in getting the business recognized 15. Take part in local debates or speaker events 16. Be an active participant in online forums related to your product or service 17. Create an app (free for test) 18. Join the local business community for free brand building 19. Giveaway free gifts/sample 20. Respond to complaints 21. Reward you long term customers 22. Ask influential people in your field to promote your brand 23. Partner with pertinent people or businesses 24. Market on Craiglist or other platforms such as JustDial 25. Offer free tips 26. Market other products in your mails and take advantage of cross promotions and cross branding 27. Attend conferences and other networking meets 28. Give discounts 29. Subscribe to relevant newsletters 30. Incorporate charitable donations in your pricing 31. Write testimonials on other website and give a link to your own pages 32. Mobile advertising 33. Write a column in the local newspaper 34. Sponsor an event 35. Put apposite links in your email signatures 36. Attend award ceremony 37. Write guest blogs 38. Get the Pricing Right 39. Create a strong Landing Page of your Website 40. Excellent Customer Service 41. Go Green 42. Launch an E-book for Free 43. Good Client relationship 44. Offer free tools 45. Join local chamber of commerce 46. Use Community Boards 47. Send Exclusive Deals to Customers 48. Do something different 49. Get Published Online 50. Listen to your Customers